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Friday, January 9, 2009

Ernie in St. Johns, NFL Canada with Phil

01: Ernie arrived all dressed for Halloween! Unfortunately he was a little late getting here and so missed the festivities. We threw the little fella a party all to himself...

02: ...He soon got into the spirit of things...

03: ...A little too heavily!

04: St. John's is famous for its pubs. Ernie took to the Duke of Duckworth like one of the regulars...

05: ...and was soon making friends with the local celebrities! Here he is with comedian Rick Mercer (

06: It's a tradition for visitors to The Rock to be "screeched in". This is a ceremony involving singing, dancing, drinking and kissing a cod fish! Here's Ernie getting screeched in at Christians on George Street!

07: At first poor Ernie was worried about being eaten by the cod but after a while he had drunk enough to think she was quite pretty.

08: Next morning was a beautiful November day, so Ernie braved his hangover and went downtown to pay his respects at the War Memorial.

09, 10: Then he took a walk to look at the colourful houses...

11: ...before stopping in Harbourside Park to look at the ships and admire the view of Signal Hill.

12: The next day Ernie wanted to see Signal Hill in more detail. It was quite a chilly day but we took him out to look at more ships and then walk up to the top of the hill.

13: Here's Ernie at the top of Signal Hill! This is Cabot Tower, where in 1901 Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless signal from England.

14: Looking back out over the city...

15: ...and across the Narrows to Fort Amherst.

16: While we were up at Cabot Tower, Ernie met Schooner the Newfoundland dog!

17: Over there is Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America. That's the Atlantic Ocean, Ernie!

18: Ernie wanted to go to Cape Spear next, and he got his wish!

19: The famous lighthouse has been at Cape Spear since 1836!

20: Where will he go next?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ernie in Vancouver, Canada with Christine

Christine takes Ernie around British Columbia, Canada! Look at the good times had by all. WOWSER!!

Bungy Jumpin!

Christine, Ernie, Frank, Rhyse.

Ernie at Christine's Desk.

Ernie Racing Bathtub!

Frank and Ernie.

On the Bungy Bridge.

Pumpkin Ernie.

Strummin' Ernie.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Roanoake VA Part 1 with Katie and Reed

Ernie and Katie in bed.

Let's read Gulliver's Travels. Yay!!

Ernie hopes to win the Virginia Lottery. Go, Ernie, Go!

Ernie makes squishy faces with Reed.

What are you doing in Katie's purse, Ernie?

ERNIE!! What are you doing in Reed's pants?!

Goodnight Katie and Ernie.
Sweet Dreams. ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Pics with Trevor and Friends in AZ

Ernie at the ASU Sun Devil Stadium.

Ernie at Biltmore Fashion Park.
He's too sexy for his pants!

Ernie visits Hunts Tomb.
Where's the ketchup?

Ernie up a Palo Verde Tree.
(Without a paddle.)

Another Pic of Ernie at Papago Park.

Ernie at The Apple Store.
Glow little glow worm!

Ernie at Chase Field.
Chase it! Chase it!

Ernie at The Cheesecake Factory.
Who's hungry?

Ernie at the Hard Rock Cafe, Phoenix.

Ernie at Saks Fifth Ave!

Ernie at the US Airway Center.
Let's fly!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trevor and Friends from Gilbert Arozona USA

Ernie and Christina.
All cute and cuddly!!

Ernie and Courtney.
Luxury seats.

Ernie and Jamica.
I like it up here.

Ernie and Martin.
Cool hair!

Ernie and Trevor, the host!
Hi, Trevor!

Ernie and Buddah.
Rub the belly, you're the one...

Ernie at Gammage 1.

Ernie at Gammage 2.

Mama mia!

Ernie and Gelato.

Ernie at The Flour Mill.

Ernie and the local gay rag.
Golden, baby. Golden.

Ernie at Mill Ave Bridge.

Ernie at Papago Park.

Ernie at Phoenix Zoo!
Doing the [Coo Coo] Pigeon...

Ernie at Rositas.
Como estas?

Ernie at Starbucks.
Venti espresso, please.

Ernie at Target.

Ernie at Tempe Beach Park!

Ernie at Tempe Town Lake.
Isn't it lovely?