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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trevor and Friends from Gilbert Arozona USA

Ernie and Christina.
All cute and cuddly!!

Ernie and Courtney.
Luxury seats.

Ernie and Jamica.
I like it up here.

Ernie and Martin.
Cool hair!

Ernie and Trevor, the host!
Hi, Trevor!

Ernie and Buddah.
Rub the belly, you're the one...

Ernie at Gammage 1.

Ernie at Gammage 2.

Mama mia!

Ernie and Gelato.

Ernie at The Flour Mill.

Ernie and the local gay rag.
Golden, baby. Golden.

Ernie at Mill Ave Bridge.

Ernie at Papago Park.

Ernie at Phoenix Zoo!
Doing the [Coo Coo] Pigeon...

Ernie at Rositas.
Como estas?

Ernie at Starbucks.
Venti espresso, please.

Ernie at Target.

Ernie at Tempe Beach Park!

Ernie at Tempe Town Lake.
Isn't it lovely?

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